I Sit for Cookies – A Poem

I sit.
(Mom said sit.)

For what seems like an eternity
while all the world goes by, and I,
holding my breath,
see the cookie in Mom’s hand.

It’s a long way up,
Up above my head.
I’m focused,
poised and ready.
Eyes on the cookie in Mom’s hand.
My mouth is watering.
A flood of anticipation.

Here it comes.
Mom says, “A cookie for you-ee.”
The cookie comes within range, and to make sure I’ve secured it,
on the cookie in Mom’s hand.
Mom says in a shrill voice,
“Jeez, Till. You almost took my finger off! Easy, girl!”

Does Mom understand
the patience required?
With a flooding mouth
and sitting,
holding my breath,
(dancing a little)
waiting for this special treat?

Waiting an eternity for
my favorite cookie.
Chicken & apples.

I don’t want to miss my chance
because Minnie Moo
and Toberoo
are sitting too.

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