Belly Tickles

Toby's Money ShotBelly tickles are really my favorite. When we wake up and after eating our morning dinner, Mom sits down and we gather around and she belly tickles for a few minutes. It sets the tone for us to have a nice, relaxing day.

Like Mom says, she has only two hands but three bellies to tickle, so we take turns. For a moment, you get your belly tickled while you stand there, but then the rotation happens and you have no belly tickling, while the other two dogs get their bellies tickled, but you know it’s coming back around so you WAIT. (You don’t mind waiting. In fact you are mesmerized because the belly tickling is sooooo AMAZING that it lulls you into the zone and you don’t even know you’re waiting, but you ARE.)

Toby, Minnie Moo, and me are all suckers for a moment of belly tickles. Here’s a photo of Toby leaning on my back, asking Mom, “Tickle My Belly, pleeeeease??”

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